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Shawn Reay

Sales Manager

Mr. Shawn Reay has over 14 years sales and management and small business ownership experience in the oil & gas, automobile parts and small engine service industries.

Shawn joined Tennacor in September 2019 as Sales Manager. In this role he will focus on and support all aspects of customer service including customer sales, retention and growth.

From 1996 to 2005, Shawn worked for Jade Drilling and Trinidad Drilling as a Driller on drilling rigs all over British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Shawn was responsible for the drilling rig and contractor equipment, down hole resources and the management of the rig crew.

In 2005 Shawn moved into a new industry joining Canadian Wheel Industries as Account Manager. His territory was Edmonton and northern Alberta and included customers at tire shops, car dealers, coal mines, and oil & gas companies. He provided sales and service for rims and attaching parts with sizes ranging from 63” Oilsands truck assemblies, 24.5” Alcoa Aluminum, down to 8” trailer rims.

In 2016 Shawn started Union Wheel and Motorsports with a business partner. Union wheel provided tires and rims for automobiles, small engine service and repairs and sold a line of lawn and garden equipment. Shawn was responsible for customer service & quotations, vendor relations, accounting, purchasing etc

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys traveling, camping, skiing, and cooking.