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Scott Annett

Owner/ Operations Manager

Mr. Scott Annett has over 20 years of project management and technical experience.

Scott first joined Tennacor in 1998, a few short years after the company’s inception in 1993. Throughout his time at Tennacor he has gained valuable knowledge in all aspects of the business, starting from the ground level up. Now as co-owner and Operations Manager at Tennacor his main role is to oversee all major projects, provide expertise and problem solving solutions, and to aide in the day to day operations at Tennacor.

Scott has successfully managed complex multi-million dollar projects for Tennacor. This has included contract negotiation, interpreting technical design documents, reviewing RFP and MRQ documents, technical evaluations, ensuring equipment meets relevant specifications and standards, expediting, logistics, quality assurance inspections, engineering design, coordinating with sub-vendors, and after supply installation and maintenance support.

Scott is a world traveler, musician, yogi and meditator. One of his personal motto’s is to always be growing.